Where Governor Perry Stands on Immigration Reform

If you ask the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, where he stands on legalizing the status of illegal immigrants and immigration reform, he'll most likely respond by saying, "I support a thoughtful approach."  This is good news for illegal immigrants and immigration lawyers in Dallas, TX, because Governor Perry isn't an extremist.  He supports a middle ground that's fair and gives everyone a chance to become a lawful U.S. citizen.

During an interview with WFAA's Inside Texas Politics, Perry said, "My hope is both extremes of the debate get left outside. Those that say, well let’s go round up those citizens and deport them, or those that say, well, let’s round them all up and make them citizens and give them amnesty. Both of those are the extremes. Somewhere in the middle is where we’re going to end up."

This refers back to his thoughtful approach and how finding a middle ground in the immigration debate is imperative.  He realizes that deporting everyone isn't an option.  Deporting illegal immigrants who are unlawful outside of their immigration status and providing citizenship to those who have made a valuable contribution to society should be the focus.

Although Governor Perry is a proponent of securing the Mexican-U.S. border, he is also a proponent of fairness.  He understands that people fled to the U.S. from their native country in search of a brighter future.  He also understands that those who fled have created families, relationships and even careers in the States.  Which is why he will always support a middle ground that favors the efforts of immigration lawyers in Dallas, TX and those who have a right to U.S. citizenship.

With over 12 million citizens in the United States without legal status, a realistic and fair system needs to be created.

“We need to be having this conversation about how to deal with the 12 million that are here and how to create a thoughtful system,” Perry said.

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