About McGregor & Oblad PLLC

In a word, McGregor & Oblad PLLC is "unique" because we take a fresh approach to legal representation. Our practice is held together by focusing on the client experience. Each attorney believes that each client deserves to be treated like our only client and that the relationship should be guided by a fee structure that aligns with our client's interests.

McGregor & Oblad's Philosophy

Our Beliefs

We believe an attorney should be an investment, not an expense. We are deeply involved in each of our respective practices areas, generating tremendous experience to share with our clients. 

With offices located in both Dallas, Texas and Bountiful, Utah, we have experience with a variety of clients, all with diverse cases. With top Dental and Immigration Lawyers, we are committed to putting our clients in a better position–whether it be legal, financial, or emotional (or all the above)–through the use of ethical, honest, and straightforward representation.

Why We're Different

There is no shortage of great attorneys. Our approach is different in two ways: 1) in our dedication to specific industries, and 2) in our fee structure that gives the best possible value when considering experience and price. 

Our Results

McGregor & Oblad isn't only redefining the way attorneys represent clients—we're redefining success. To put it simply, we succeed when our clients succeed. We're proud of the goals we achieve with our clientele, and we are proud to share their successes here on our site!


All McGregor legal fees are flat-fee based. That is, clients are charged for our results, not our time. As such, clients know exactly how much their matter will cost before they hire us. McGregor sets these flat fees by targeting the exact point at which clients maximize their value by seeking the most experienced attorneys at the lowest possible price. Yes, there might be more experienced lawyers out there—they will charge more. And yes, there are lawyers who will charge less—they will not have the depth of experience as McGregor lawyers.

Clients who visit our office often comment about how much fun we seem to have at McGregor. This is because McGregor lawyers are selected by how much we like each other. We trust each other, we enjoy learning from each other, and we enjoy the time we spend together. This enhances our ability to operate as an effective team in order to deliver the highest possible service to our clients.