McGregor attorneys are unified by two principles: 1) be the best possible value to clients, and 2) be the best possible coworker.


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All McGregor legal fees are flat-fee based. That is, clients are charged for our results, not our time. As such, clients know exactly how much their matter will cost before they hire us. McGregor sets these flat fees by targeting the exact point at which clients maximize their value by seeking the most experienced attorneys at the lowest possible price. Yes, there might be more experienced lawyers out there—they will charge more. And yes, there are lawyers who will charge less—they will not have the depth of experience as McGregor lawyers. 

Clients who visit our office often comment about how much fun we seem to have at McGregor. This is because McGregor lawyers are selected by how much we like each other. We trust each other, we enjoy learning from each other, and we enjoy the time we spend together. This enhances our ability to operate as an effective team in order to deliver the highest possible service to our clients.