Dental Law Firm Announces Jaw Law, a Podcast just for Dentists

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Joseph McGregor

DALLAS, Texas, 11/27/17—The McGregor law firm is publishing Jaw Law Podcast: The lovechild of dentistry and law. Jaw Law is designed to help dentists navigate the maze of information they need when entering the business world.

In each episode, dental lawyer Joe McGregor discusses a multitude of legal topics for dentists, ranging from employment agreements, to specific lease clauses, to practice acquisitions, and much more. Each topic is covered in approximately 20-minute audio files, now accessible on the podcast website, as well as on iTunes.

McGregor approaches the podcast with a witty, conversational tone to make the subjects more digestible. “I wanted to create a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ resource, but one that delved a little deeper than what could be conveyed in more traditional mediums.”

Jaw Law is intended as a complementary source of information for dentists—it is not meant as official legal advice, nor does it justify making legal decisions alone. Contact dental lawyer, Joe McGregor, at to learn more about the podcast and the role of a lawyer in the dental business world.

Access Jaw Law Podcast HERE

*The McGregor firm is one of the leading dental-specific law practices in the nation.