Receiving a Green Card in the United States

Deportation can be devastating for you and your loved ones, which is why there are deportation lawyers available to defend you and help you understand your options and rights. However, thanks to Green Card lawyers in Texas, deportation is avoidable.  Joseph McGregor & Associates are dedicated to helping you get a Green Card in order to legally permit your stay as a permanent resident alien in the United States. There are many ways to get a Green Card, but they are typically offered to the following qualifying groups:

  • Spouses and parents of U.S. Citizens
  • Spouses of Green Card Holders
  • Children and siblings of U.S. Citizens
  • Children of Green Card Holders
  • Persons with extraordinary abilities
  • Managers of Multi-national companies
  • Investors
  • Skilled Workers

For most immigrants, there are two ways to get a Green Card:

Adjustment of Status
This process allows one to get a Green Card without leaving the United States, however, is only available in certain circumstances. It is usually only available if the beneficiary has maintained a lawful status and an immigrant visa is available. Exceptions are made for children under 21 and spouses of a U.S. citizen. An exception is also made for the parents of an adult U.S. citizen.

Consular Processing
If you are out of status or have entered the country illegally, Consular Processing is most likely your only option. You must apply for a Green Card through a consulate in your home country. If you have been physically present in the U.S. without status for a certain amount of time, leaving the U.S. may prompt penalties, however, this may be waived through a 601 Hardship Waiver. This route requires an experienced Green Card lawyer in Texas.