Advocacy Continues for Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is one of the biggest issues currently being addressed by the 113th Congress. The Senate is working on a bipartisan plan and discussion over reform is gaining momentum in the House.

According to recent polls, Latino voters believe that immigration reform is the top issue facing Congress and the President. Some 58 percent of Latino voters now view immigration reform as the most important issue before Congress and the White House, surpassing economy and jobs (38 percent), health care (19 percent) and education (15 percent). The top two issues have flipped places since November.

While advocacy for immigration reform continues, many immigrants continue to face deportation or removal. Immigration laws are consistently changing and are often complex, making it hard for people to understand the process and options available to them when facing deportation. In the case of deportation, it's important to find a deportation lawyer who can help you better understand the process and can help you adjust your status based on your family relationships and other qualifications. Immigrants in immigration court often qualify for certain waivers in which you can request the government to disregard the time an immigrant spent in this country illegally, or to disregard other aspects that lead to deportation.

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