The New Waiver

Beginning in March, 2013, U.S. immigration law will drastically expand to permit certain immigrants to apply for a provisional waiver before leaving the United States. This hardship waiver will significantly reduce the risk families previously faced when applying for the I-601 Hardship Waiver.


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Previously, certain immigration applicants with unlawful presence were required to apply for an I-601 Hardship Waiver, This would likely mean spending months out of the country, with the possibility of failing the hardship requirements under the waiver process and being forced to remain outside the country for 10 years.

The I-601A Waiver Process, referred to commonly as the "New Waiver" allows relatives of US citizens to apply for a waiver for their spouse's unlawful presence prior to leaving the United States. This greatly reduces the time of separation from as much as a year or more to as little as a couple weeks. It also substantially reduces the risk to the alien spouse.

McGregor & Oblad is pleased to bring their impressive track record with hardship waivers to this New Waiver. To date our attorneys have never had a 601 or other hardship waiver denied and we take great pride in putting together a strong argument for our clients. For further information about who qualifies for this new waiver, for how much the fees will be, or to learn more about the process of this new waiver, please contact us.