Optometry Law

Over the years, the McGregor Firm has developed significant experience with optometry law, including practice transitions, leases, and contracts. Our experiences and specializations mean that we understand your needs and the answers to your questions before you even ask.


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common matters

All-inclusive Legal Solution

An optometry practice overlaps with many areas of law. Most lawyers do not have the experience necessary to address all of the concerns that optometry covers. Many times, optometrists must hire several attorneys, increasing the margin of error and resulting in hefty fees that may or may not produce a profit for your small business. The legal professionals at McGregor and Oblad PLLC are experts in the optometry industry, meaning that you can personally work with one lawyer at a much more reasonable price. Some common issues include:

  • Practice Acquisitions. Buying or selling an operating optometry practice. We help arrange the acquisition process, working with your team members (consultants, other attorneys, etc.) to ensure a smooth transition that is most beneficial to you and your practice.
  • Practice Formations. Start-up counseling and entity formation. We explain what to expect when forming a professional entity. We review your goals and help put you in a position to realistically achieve them.
  • Real Estate. Every successful optometry office needs a practice lease. We explain the nuances of your lease, discussing which provisions are most pertinent to your optometry practice. We help with negotiations between you and the landlord to preserve the budding relationship inherent in starting a new business. We also help practice owners in their purchase agreements for new lands or existing buildings.
  • Employment. Optometrist employment agreements are full of provisions that are confusing for a first-time or young optometrist. We help you understand every provision—what it means and how to work with the employer to change fatal provisions. 
  • Partnerships. Optometrist partnership agreements involve a detailed process of counseling and drafting. We want to get it right so that the partners can streamline their organization and have a healthy financial relationship. We show partners the most common drawbacks that plague optometrist partnerships so that you can avoid them.

how we charge

McGregor & Oblad PLLC only charges with flat-fees. So you will always know exactly what service you are paying for and the cost upfront, before we even begin our relationship. We talk with you to know what is involved in your transaction before even giving you a quote. You will never be charged to speak with us—we are happy to give advice at any step in the process.

Since we specialize in specific fields, we have developed relationships with other optometry-industry professionals. As such, we can refer you to consultants, brokers, bankers, and accountants who are familiar with optometry. That way we can help you move your practice forward.

Few law firms operate with a flat-fee billing. But we believe this method of billing is the most transparent way for our clients to assess the pros and cons of our services. Our flat-fee also provides a predictable atmosphere that is unusual for most legal services. This atmosphere opens up the attorney-client conversation that ensures the most effective and efficient representation. 

how we are different

Do you really need an optometry lawyer?

By no means are you required to hire an optometry lawyer. However, you can conduct your business more confidently when you know that your attorney has experience that is unique to your circumstances. We understand that you probably have connected with other lawyers who have been helpful—at the end of the day, you pay what you are comfortable paying. We respect that. If what you are doing works, we wish you the best. But if you are looking for a partner to go above and beyond so you can focus on what you love doing most, we at the McGregor Firm are willing to dedicate our services to you. 

service area

Although we are based in Dallas, Texas, we handle optometry transactions through the State of Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and (depending on the matter) other states.