Soccer Law

With our experience in employment contracts and immigration law, the McGregor Firm is excited to help budding soccer talent, both at home and abroad.


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McGregor Law helps soccer players and their agents craft the best deal possible with professional soccer clubs. Representation of this nature requires a multi-disciplined approach. 

We help decipher contracts for Americans playing in LigaMX (Mexico), and Mexicans playing MLS, NASL, United Soccer League, and the Premier Development League. In addition to reviewing agent agreements and club agreements, we also help facilitate the proper immigration documents necessary to play and live professionally in that country. 

Agent contracts. We review representation agreements between players and agents, talent scouts, and other representatives. 

Development contracts. We assist young players signing their first agreements with development academies.

Immigration matters. We help players take their talents to other countries, including bringing foreign players to the U.S., and U.S. players to other countries.

Tax matters. We advise players on tax efficient strategies for maximizing their income from clubs, especially as it relates to players receiving income abroad.