Dental Practice Launch Camp

The Dental Practice Launch Camp is a highly focused FREE seminar targeting dentists who are 6 - 24 months from transitioning into dental practice ownership. Target audience includes dentists planning to purchase an existing practice, start a practice de novo, or partner into an existing practice (or those who are unsure which ownership option is right for them). The Dental Practice Launch Camp is a unique opportunity to dialogue with experienced dental attorneys and other transition experts.

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Although each Dental Practice Launch Camp is structured slightly differently, the general outline is as follows: 

- Opening: Brief overview of general transition concepts 

- Morning Session: Q&A with MCGregor & Oblad dental attorneys, as well as a panel of select dental industry professionals, like brokers, bankers, equipment reps, etc for an open and honest discussion of pitfalls and insider insight.  

- Afternoon Session: Each participant will get a 30-minute one-on-one session with one of our dental lawyers to ask any transition question. 



Something that makes the Practice Launch Camp unique is that we limit the number of attendees to 21 persons. This ensures that attendees can ask as many questions as they want. 



Dental Practice Launch Camp participants will explore the following topics:

  • Forming an entity
  • Financing issues
  • Purchase vs. start-up 
  • Solo vs. Partnership
  • Leasing vs. owning property
  • The role of banks, consultants, accountants, lawyers, brokers, etc.
  • Negotiations in dentistry
  • Post-closing pitfalls



Dental Practice Launch Camp is held in various cities throughout the country, and occassionally in cities outside the country. 



Dallas TX (Feb 2019)

Austin TX (Feb 2019)

Las Vegas NV (March 2019)

Phoenix AZ (May 2019)

Miami FL (May 2019)

Vancouver BC (Sept 2019)

Park City UT (Sept 2019)


Other 2019 locations in the works (please email for interest)

- Chicago

- Boston

- New York City

- London 



Although open to everyone, the Dental Practice Launch Camp is best suited for dentist who are anywhere from 6 months to 24 months out from transitioning into an ownership role. If you are outside this window and there are open seats, you are welcome to attend; preference, however, is given to those in this target range.



To register, simply complete the registration form on this page. For inquiries, email