China Law

Our attorneys help small and medium-sized companies access the world’s economic frontier: China. Unfortunately, most lawyers and businesses don't understand China’s legal environment, culture, customs, or language. But we do at McGregor and Oblad, PLLC.


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Common Matters

China is distant not only geographically, but in nearly every sense of the word. The rules of American business and law do not apply there. Yet China holds too much economic potential to simply dismiss. Many American businesses are turning to China for production, investment capital, and new and vast markets for American-produced products. Previously, only the largest American companies pursued these opportunities. It is our mission to open these avenues to all businesses.

Buying a Company In China

Buying a company in China is complicated and, depending on the industry, not always possible. We help clients understand the hidden costs and challenges of purchasing a Chinese company, including all aspects of ownership transition and how to transfer money in and out of the country. 

Setting Up a Business In China

The ability to establish a presence in China has been greatly expanded, but the process remains difficult, time consuming, and expensive. We help clients understand the process and the value of establishing a Chinese office.

EB5 Visas.

More companies and entrepreneurs are seeking initial investment capital from China, which has a surplus of such funds. One program to facilitate the meeting of the available foreign investors with American businesses in need of capital is the EB5 Visa program. We assist Chinese nationals assessing the benefits of the EB5 program as well as their legal needs if they choose to take advantage of it. We also assist American businesses hoping to capture some of that capital.

Import/Export Laws

We help clients understand how both the American and Chinese governments treat products as they leave one port to another. We identify whether there are any product-specific restrictions, taxes, or compliances issues.

Hiring Someone In China

More and more companies are finding a need to place boots on the ground in China, whether it is to source products, manage logistics, or sell products. Regardless of whether your employee is American or Chinese, there are numerous hurdles and laws to overcome.

Product/Component Sourcing

Entering into a sourcing contract can provide a false sense of security if you are unfamiliar with what a contract means in China. We help you understand what provisions in a Chinese contract mean, which provisions may or may not be enforced, and how your Chinese counterpart will likely view the contract.


How We're Different

Our China practice was established with the intent to make the China market more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. We cater our services and fee structure to this segment.



We service the following areas relative to the Chinese market:

  • Wine & Beverages
  • Prepared Food products
  • Dental Services
  • Technology Components
  • Shipping/Logistics